Saturday, October 29, 2011

Durga Idols in Golf Green and Jadavpur, Kolkata 2011

Madhubani Durga Image
at Golf Green, Kolkata
I know...this can be a bit boring...but really, I can't stop obsessing over these beautiful creations.

Every pandal is unique and i happen to visit only a fraction of Durga puja pandals this year (2011). I know for sure that north Kolkata also came up with a lot of beautiful, creative Durga idols and pandals.

It keeps getting better and better every year. Every time I visit these puja pandals, I wonder what will they think of next year. Can they better this? And sure enough, the organizers and the artists think of and come up with unique concepts the next year too.Amazing! Durga puja is not only a popular bengali festival it also happens to be Kolkata's creative best period. You should try visitng Kolkata during this time. Yes, it is crowded and hot too but this is a one time experience.This kind of art is rare and is a treat to the eyes.

Durga pandal based
on Madhubani
art in Golf Green
Courtyard of the

Madhubani paintings
on the walls
of the pandal
Inside the Madhubani
Durga pandal

A Birbhum Terracotta
style pandal

Goddess Durga

An ethnic Durga
in Jadavpur
Intricate work
on the walls

Close up of
the work

Goddess Durga

Durga puja pandal
in Jadavpur

Durga idol

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Where are you winter?

Usually October brings with it a slight nip in the is such a welcome change after the ever so long, never ending summers.

But what is this?

Forget about the nip in the air it feels like we are going back to beginning of is as hot and humid as May! I have been praying to weather God to have mercy on us. I think weather God heard me, yesterday was a welcome change rained. Yes!

We are all hoping this means that finally winter will set in.

Can't wait for Kolkata winter is over even before they start. Seriously, the pleasant weather lasts barely for two months. These precious two months therefore have to utilized optimally. We pack these two months with long drives, picnics, get-togethers, and whatever can be fitted in.

In Kolkata almost all important fairs happen during these two months. It is a lot of fun to move from one stall to another, shop around, sipping hot tea accompanied with freshly fried samosas from the numerous food stalls. I usually end up eating more than buying. Can't help it 'cause winter does something to my appetite, especially when I see crisp jalebis being fried, just can't stop myself. Ooh! can't wait for winter.

I can't wait to try out my new winter jacket. It just makes me happy to think about the good days ahead. No more sweating. I mean that literally!

Come on winter; don't make me wait any longer.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Durga puja 2001 Babubagan Dhakuria,Kolkata

Durga idol Kolkata 2011
These are pictures from an outstanding pandal, Babubagan,  in Dhakuria, Kolkata.

This pandal impressed me so much that I decided to devote a post to this pandal. I have posted a video of this
Durga puja
in YouTube as well.

Entrance to the
pandal in

A statue at the

Entry door of
the pandal at
Babubagan, Dhakuria
Inside the pandal

Goddess Durga

Paintings on the walls

Paintings on the walls
of the puja pandal
Paintings on the walls

Paintings on the walls
Paintings on the walls

A portion of
the pandal

Artifacts in
the Durga puja

The Babubagan
pandal from

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Durga puja 2011 pandals at Bhawanipur, Kolkata, India

Here are some more pictures of Durga Puja 2001, Kolkata.These Durga images and pandals are from Bhawanipur. Like I said last time, I am so completely in love with the pandal themes.

I still have a lot of pictures to share. Do come back for more.

Durga Puja at a over 100 years
old beautiful residence
in Bhawanipur
Durga Idol

A pandal with all sorts
of mechanical
Inside the Puja

Goddess Durga
Mahishasur made
out of scrap

Entrance to
a lovely ethnic
Durga Pandal

Goddess Durga Image

Work on
the walls of the
Beautiful Ceiling
in the pandal

Innovative pandal
A different kind
of Durga Idol

Pandal with

A motif
on the wall of
the pandal

A very different
Durga idol

Durga pandal
from outside

Durga idol
in a
residence in

A beautiful residence
in Bhawanipur
Durga puja 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Durga puja pandals 2011 South Kolkata

The excitement continues, just when one starts thinking that it can't get any better, it does !

I don't know where this storehouse of creativity comes from. It is amazing ! Check out some more Durga puja pandals from South Kolkata.

Entrance to a Bishnupur styled temple Durga Puja

Bishnupur style temple pandal South Kolkata

A part of the pandal
Goddess Durga in
the temple pandal

Simple & creative
Durga pandal

Durga idol

Durga on a 
pandal shaped like a

Durga idol in
the Chariot pandal

Ethic and colourful
Durga Idol

Work on
the Durga Pandal

Work on
the Durga Pandal

Entrance to Shiv Mandir
Durga pandal

Inside the pandal

Shiv mandir
Durga Idol
Beautiful creations
around the pandal

Another marvelous
piece near the Shiv
mandir entrance

Durga pndal in
shape of a hut
Durga idol in
the hut shaped

Handiwork on the
walls of the pandal
Handiwork on the
walls of the Durga