Friday, May 30, 2008


There are some people who can be compared to houseflies...they are not wanted... they make your life miserable and yet they thrive...and how well...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dear Grandma

There are some very special sweets that are made at almost every home in Bengal. It is so special 'cause it gets prepared only in winters.
Winters are so far away:(
And I am yearning for those. They are knowns as peetha. Gokul peetha, patishapta, pische pooli etc etc.
Actually I am missing my Grand ma:(
Missing those Summer holdays...grandma's love & indulgence and lots of fun with my cousins
My Grand ma used to make delicious peetha. I wishI had learnt from her. Now she is really old and barely manages to move around because of her arthritis. I really miss her:(
I remember in my childhood days...she used to smuggle some extra for me always...I did get a bit spoilt...Whenever my favourite sweets were made, I always got preference!
Wow! I just simply love dreaming of those days... She lives in another town with her Son and his family and well...i think it's time to visit her.
Maybe it is time for me to indulge her!
That would make me very happy.

Special Air Conditioners

Our office Air Conditioners are very special...
Half of us get frozen to death and the other half get fried to death!!!

So you can see two kinds of us....
One lot wears wollens and the other lot would be happy to strip:)