Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kolkata (Calcutta) Photos, The Kolkata I absolutely love!

Kolkata Skyline (from Race Course)
 I am sharing some random pictures of Kolkata that I had taken some time back. Kolkata, which is over three hundred years old, is home to some very old and beautiful heritage buildings.

Kolkata has several places of interest, tourists have a lot of  places that they can visit. Some of the most famous tourist attractions in Kolkata are Victoria Memorial, Howrah bridge, Marble Palace,Race Course,Raj Bhavan, Indian Museum, Botanical gardens, Dakhineshwar, Kalighat and many more.

Even though this city of joy is one of the most populous cities in India, it still has restored some of its old world charm, and remains the cultural hub for Eastern India.

Green Kolkata

Old and new Howrah Bridge
Kolkata Race Course

Victoria Memorial Kolkata
Princep Ghat Kolkata

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nazirpur, Malda, West Bengal - A trip to my Ancestral home -Part II

How green is my village!
We were invited for lunch to one of my dad's cousin's place, they live very close by. The food was yummy.There was kalai dal, postor bara,potol and aloo bhaja, and a very nice mixed vegetable. For non- vegetarians there was mutton as well.My husband loved the food. Something about the taste of vegetatbles, somehow they really taste very good. It never tastes that good when we make it at home:(

We went for a walk in the evening. The Ganges flows very close to the village, it took us around half an hour to reach it. The walk was very rejuvinating, we walked through mango orchards. I did not realize there were so many varieties of mangoes in Malda alone, i knew there were many, I have grown up having varieties of mangoes, but the list is endless! Here is a list of mangoes available in Malda, this is certainly not exhaustive, there are many-many more types/varieties of mangoes that are available in Malda:


and the list goes on...

It was a nice evening, I had forgotten how beautiful the village was!

Here are some snaps of Nazirpur village and areas around it. Our trip was just for two days but we had a great time.The only dampner was the electricity (I wish the electricity would co-operate more, it was playing hide and seek with us. We had to survive the two days with just a few hours of electricity!)

Mango trees
More mangoes

Nazirpur village
Areas around the Village

A nice evening meal!
A village woman

Purple Sunbird

Way to Ganges
Sunset over Ganges in Nazirpur