Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Diwali!

Diwali (the festival of lights) is a wonderful time when every home, every street, every city in India is lit up with lights, and every heart glows with warmth within.

My wish this Diwali is for a world full of compassion, love, patience, joy,...a world where each of us feels safe, respected, and accepted. 

May this Diwali:
  • Bring you Joy
  • Bathe you with Love 
  • Immerse you in peace
  • Touch you with kindness
  • Greet you with laughter
  • Bring good health and fortune
  • Bring out your caring and giving self
  • Bring out the best in you

Happy Diwali !

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Innovative Durga puja pandal in South Kolkata with a message

This interesting and thought-provoking Durga puja pandal, from one of the oldest localities of South Kolkata, has a message for all of us. It is about plastic pollution, and how plastic has invaded our lives and the damage it is causing.

A message on the pandal talked about how plastic clogs drains and creates major water logging issues. Having said that, it goes on to say how some people have found creative ways of reusing plastic.

This colourful pandal is a fine example of creative reuse of plastic. They have made excellent use of plastic in decorating the pandal. Everything is made out of reused plastic, and yes the dinosaur as well!

Plastic, a non-biodegradable product, cannot be eliminated easily, therefore the the best, and perhaps the only way of minimizing its bad effect is to find ways of reusing plastic…

reused plastic bags as decorations

The Dinosaur is created out of reused platic

If you look closely, Goddess Durga is crying at the plight of plastic pollution. And for those of you who can read Bengali, the below mentioned image is a write-up from the puja pandal.

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Durga Puja 2016 -North Kolkata-Nalin Sarkar Street & Nabin Pally creative pandals

North Kolkata's Nalin Sarkar Street and Nabin Pally near Hathibagan, are well-known for the artistic and ethnic durga puja pandals.

Here are some pictures from Nalin Sarkar Street and Nabin pally Durga puja 2016.These pandals are based on Tribal and Rajasthani themes.

Nalin Sarkar Street Durga Puja 2016

Nabin Pally Durga Puja 2016

More Durga puja pictures from North Kolkata:

Kolkata Durga Puja 2016, Telengabagan and Karbagan, Ultadanga, Kolkata

Monday, October 10, 2016

Durga puja 2016, creative pandals and idols from North Kolkata

Here are a couple more Durga puja pandals from North Kolkata. I will post some more Durga pujas pandals from North Kolkata and South Kolkata in my next few posts.

The pictures below are from a Durga puja pandal in North Kolkata. This pandal replicates the train station and the inside of a local train so very well. The picture below is the looks just like the outside of a train station, doesn't it?

Kolkata Durga Puja 2016, Telengabagan and Karbagan, Ultadanga, Kolkata

Telengabagan Durga idol 2016
There are several beautiful and creative Durga puja pandals in North Kolkata. The Durga puja pandals in these pictures are from Ultaganda which is almost North Kolkata.

Ultadanga is very crowded, and as such, you would find it difficult to find any open space.

The Telengabagan and Karbagan Durga puja pandals have as usual come up with these amazing puja pandals. The best part of these beautiful and colourful pandals are how nicely and creatively they have used the limited space around them.
Telengabagan Durga puja pandal 2016

Karbagan Durga puja pandal 2016: This pandal is in a busy residential area. I love how they have creatively used the space and painted the buildings around the pandal to reflect the theme.

Entrance to Karbagan Durga puja 2016


Very creative painted door 

Durga idol Karbagan 2016