Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wallowing in Self pity?

I started off today on a bad note...lets just say I am feeling down and depressed and
and there is no way that this situation that has brought about this condition, will change.

So what choices do i have?
Feel miserable...take a day off...wallow in self pity and then feel stronger about facing things?
Or do I accept this situation and move on...(this one is tough)

But finally, I know I have to accept it. If not today... maybe in a few days...
So, do I waste a beautiful day like this on feeling sad or do i find ways to get myself out of this situation so that this stops bothering me completely.

Easier said than done...I know:(

But do i have any other choice?

Vedic Village Kolkata

Can't believe that over 70% of Vedic village was burned!!!

It is such a wonderful retreat for us kolkatans. Not a long drive from the city...
it is deliciously green and wonderfully rejuvenating.


Here are some pictures of Vedic village taken during my last visit.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I have not written anything in ages!
Too many things happenning.
Wish I could take a holiday and really really enjoy myself:(
Hopefullly things will settle down and I will be back on the swing again.

Summers have given way to monsoons and the climate is so much better now. But I have not found any time to enjoy it...

Bad...v bad:(
Must manage time well. I am letting time manage me:(