Sunday, October 9, 2011

Durga puja pandals 2011 South Kolkata

The excitement continues, just when one starts thinking that it can't get any better, it does !

I don't know where this storehouse of creativity comes from. It is amazing ! Check out some more Durga puja pandals from South Kolkata.

Entrance to a Bishnupur styled temple Durga Puja

Bishnupur style temple pandal South Kolkata

A part of the pandal
Goddess Durga in
the temple pandal

Simple & creative
Durga pandal

Durga idol

Durga on a 
pandal shaped like a

Durga idol in
the Chariot pandal

Ethic and colourful
Durga Idol

Work on
the Durga Pandal

Work on
the Durga Pandal

Entrance to Shiv Mandir
Durga pandal

Inside the pandal

Shiv mandir
Durga Idol
Beautiful creations
around the pandal

Another marvelous
piece near the Shiv
mandir entrance

Durga pndal in
shape of a hut
Durga idol in
the hut shaped

Handiwork on the
walls of the pandal
Handiwork on the
walls of the Durga


Pabitra Kaity said...

Great Collections.... Like All.. :)

Ranjana Jha said...

@Pabitra Kaity, thanks so much!