Sunday, December 25, 2011

Video of the Vitthala temple complex at Hampi, Karnataka

I am sharing the video that I captured at the Vitthala temple complex at Hampi, Karnataka, India. It is really quite an amateurish video but kind of gives you an idea about the temple comlplex. And again this does not do justice to the amazing beauty of this temple.

Vitthala Temple, Hampi, Karnataka

In continuation with my earlier post on Hampi, here is another beautiful temple structure.
Vitthala temple, Hampi Aerial view of the main
temple complex
Vitthala temple is one of the most beautiful structures in Hampi. I have tried to capture a video of the temple complex.I will upload the Vitthala temple complex video too. The main temple is dedicated to Vishnu and therefore the name Vitthala. The stone chariot is amazing. I am sharing some pictures of the Vitthala temple.

Main temple, Vitthala, Hampi
Stone Chariot, Vitthala temple, Hampi

Carvings on the walls of the temple

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hampi; the ancient capital city of Vijayanagra Empire, the City of Victory

An ariel view of the Virupaksha temple,
I just got back from a trip to Hampi. It is a visual treat and leaves you awestruck. A must do if you like medieval Indian architecture.

We hired a car from Bangalore; It took us around 7 hours to reach Hospet. Hampi is another 12 kms from Hospet. We stayed in hotel Malligi in Hospet.It is around 335 kms from Bangalore.There are KSTDC overnight bus services to Hospet and overnight trains as well.If your hotel is in Hospet, you can hire an autorikshaw or taxi from Hospet to Hampi.You can also choose to stay in Hampi.If you can ride a bike, you have to option of renting one as well.

Rock cut images at Hampi
Hampi is said to be the mythical Kishkindha-Kshetra from Ramayana.Rama took shelter in Malyavanta hill when Hanuman went in search of Sita. This is where Sugriva and Hanuman lived. It is believed that the Anjanadri Hill temple is the birth place of Hanuman.

Spread across an area of 26 sq kms; Hampi was the capital of Vijayanagara empire.It is said that the kings of Vijayanagara found Hampi very suitable as a kingdom because of the natural advantages like fertile soil, river Tungabhadra, and hills and massive boulders on either side offering natural protection to the kingdom. The Vijayanagara empire flourished for two centuries.This region's history dates back to third century BC, Emperor Ashoka's rock Edicts found in this region suggests that this area was under the Mauryan dynasty.

If you wish to do Hampi, you could consider visiting during Hampi festival that happens sometime in January end. That's when you can see the monuments at night as well. It must be glorious. There are over 40 monuments that you can see at Hampi. There are monuments that are religious, for the general public, and for military purposes as well. I recommend staying in Hampi if you wish to cover all. There is a travelers lodge in Hampi which provides decent accommodation.

In my next few posts, I will share the pictures of the various monument in Hampi. The pictures do not do justice to these precious, awe inspiring monuments. I really-really wonder how people could create such beautiful structures.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Black Friday for Kolkata

Kolkata woke up to a news that was so horrifying, so depressing that we wished something would take away the ugly truth from us.

What happens when the place that you take refuge in, turns out to be the cause of your death? So many people lost their lives today at AMRI hospital, Dhakuri. Not one, not two...the count is eightly so far...
Can we offer any solace to the relatives and near and dear ones of the patients and the staff who lost their lives today?

I guess we will talk about it for a day or two, maybe a week and then get on with our lives as usual. I hope not.

I hope this wake up call, for the officials of Kolkata city, works as a catalyst to ensure that hospitals remain a safe place for people to be. Officials should ensure that Hospitals comply to safety norms; after all hospitals are suppossed to be the curing zone and not the harbinger of death.

For more on this incident:

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Snake park, Kolkata

Some time back we visited the Calcutta Snake Park. I am not so fond of snakes but they do fascinate me; so when my husband and cousin (both of them love snakes) suggested that they wanted to check out the snake park, I was hesitant but I gave in.

It is round 10 kms away from the airport. It took us over an hour to reach our destination; we were travelling from South Kolkata. This place is easily accessible by bus and train as well. There is an entry ticket for the park.

I did not think I would have such a great time there, but I did. Not only does the park have snakes, it has species of lizards, crocodiles, and birds too. It area in and around the snake park is green and peaceful.

Some of the snakes we saw were-
Cobras, Kraits, Vipers, Rat snakes, Common water snakes, Green vine snake, Water python, and many more species of snakes. It was quite a zoology refresher course for me. Time just flew. I am happy I made that trip. It has somehow made me less afraid of snakes :)

You can find more details about the snake park at Madhyamgram, kolkata at the below mentioned site-

Sharing some snaps from the trip-

Snake park, Kolkata