Sunday, December 4, 2011

Snake park, Kolkata

Some time back we visited the Calcutta Snake Park. I am not so fond of snakes but they do fascinate me; so when my husband and cousin (both of them love snakes) suggested that they wanted to check out the snake park, I was hesitant but I gave in.

It is round 10 kms away from the airport. It took us over an hour to reach our destination; we were travelling from South Kolkata. This place is easily accessible by bus and train as well. There is an entry ticket for the park.

I did not think I would have such a great time there, but I did. Not only does the park have snakes, it has species of lizards, crocodiles, and birds too. It area in and around the snake park is green and peaceful.

Some of the snakes we saw were-
Cobras, Kraits, Vipers, Rat snakes, Common water snakes, Green vine snake, Water python, and many more species of snakes. It was quite a zoology refresher course for me. Time just flew. I am happy I made that trip. It has somehow made me less afraid of snakes :)

You can find more details about the snake park at Madhyamgram, kolkata at the below mentioned site-

Sharing some snaps from the trip-

Snake park, Kolkata

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