Saturday, April 15, 2017

Unusual Bas-reliefs at Chobimura & Buddhist sites at Pilak Tripura India

Chobimura Sculptures
Day four at Belonia: We got up pretty early and headed for the Trishna wildlife sanctuary ...however we could not get in as there were no forest guards to open the gates!

After breakfast at the tourist lodge, we headed for a site at Pilak (around 1 hour from Belonia) where Hindu and Buddhist sites have been excavated. These date back to the 9th and 10th century. Some of the carvings are quite unusual and very well-preserved.

The last item on the agenda for day four was Chobimura in Amarpur. I have never seen anything like this before! What a beautiful and scenic place.

One has to take a ride on the Gomati River to see some amazing bas -relief work; beautiful sculptures cut out on the rocky faces on either side of the river! The boat ride was nice (lasted around 40 min) and the sculptures were a treat! If you are planning a trip to Tripura, Chobimura must be in your list.

Pilak-excavation of 8 temple foundations in Thakurani Tila

Shyamsundar mound-path to Monastery

Shyamsundar Mound Pilak, Tripura
Shyamsundar Mound Pilak

Carvings Shyamsundar

Chobimura Tripura

Bas-relief art at Chobimura, Amarpur
Close up of the rock-cut Sculptures

Durga-sculpture at Chobimura

Gomati River

You may want to check out our day three at  Sepahijala Wildlife Santuary, Boxanagar, and Neermahal, Tripura.