Sunday, June 16, 2019

The Great Rift Valley, Kenya

The Great rift Valley, Kenya
I am ending my Kenya trip diary with this one last post on the Great Rift Valley.

*from Wikipedia

(Today the term is most often used to refer to the valley of the East African Rift, the divergent plate boundary which extends from the Afar Triple Junction southward across eastern Africa, and is in the process of splitting the African Plate into two new separate plates. Geologists generally refer to these incipient plates as the Nubian Plate and the Somali Plate)

We did the Great rift valley on our way from Naivasha to Amboseli. This place is quite close to Nairobi.

I loved Kenya. If you love nature, especially wildlife,  Kenya is a must do. It leaves a lasting impression, and one yearns to go back again and again:)

The place from where we got these shots
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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Amboseli National Park, Kenya; One of the best National parks in Kenya

After experiencing the truly unique Hell's Gate National Park, the next morning we set off for our last destination on this trip "Amboseli National Park". With that came the sad feeling that our wonderful trip was coming to an end.

Amboseli was in my bucket list of top National parks in Kenya, not only because of the large number of elephants that can be seen from very close quarters in this park, but also because we could get a glimpse of Mount Kilimanjaro from Amboseli since this park is close to the Tanzania border. Mount Kilimanjaro (a dormant volcano) is the highest mountain in Africa (5895 metres above sea level) and is located in Tanzania.

We started early in the morning, around 7 am, from Lake Naivasha and reached Amboseli in the afternoon. We set off for the afternoon safari almost immediately (after grabbing a quick lunch) since we only had that one afternoon for the safari; we were leaving for Nairobi the next morning.

We had a wonderful safari, Elephants, Zebras, Wildebeest, birds....even though we did not see any predators here, it was a beautiful safari... we saw a bird by the name of "Secretarybird", this bird is endemic to Africa. There were flamingos and Ostriches’ as well. The only cloud(S) in the otherwise awesome safari were the clouds that made it impossible for us to see the Mount Kilimanjaro peak in the afternoon. I was hoping and praying that we would get a glimpse of the peak in the morning.

The rest of the evening was spent lazing around. Sopa lodge where we stayed was a beautiful resort like hotel with the hut like rooms spread across a large area, it felt like being inside the park. The food and the rooms were nice. After a leisurely and delicious dinner buffer, we chatted until late night...did not quite wish to end the day yet...after all that would mean the end of our trip:(

The next morning when we went over to my parent’s room, my dad who is an early riser announced that he has already seen the beautiful Mount Kilimanjaro peak!!! Their room was very nicely situated, and the Kilimanjaro peak could be clearly seen from a few steps away from their room!

What a sight it was!

It was a clear bright day and Mount Kilimanjaro was visible from various areas of the lodge.
I was especially happy for my dad who was the keenest to see Mount Kilimanjaro. Given his health condition he would not be able to make this kind of trip easily again, it was a great parting gift from Kenya:)

Here are some pictures  from our stay at Amboseli.

There is something about Africa for leaves a lasting impression, I can't quite describe the feeling …it stays with you; I would love to go back there again

Amboseli National Park, Kenya


Grey-Crowned Cranes

View from the Sopa Lodge
Sopa Lodge

Inside the lodge

These lovely Masai women helped us select some nice souvenirs. This was inside the lodge and reasonably priced.
An end to a beautiful day and more to come:)
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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Hell's Gate National Park, Kenya;One of my favourite places in Kenya

After the wonderful experience at Lake Naivasha, we set off for Hell's Gate National park. Located close to Lake Naivasha, Hell's Gate National Park was established in 1984 and is a smaller park compared to other national parks in Africa. However, this park is unique and provides an experience that one can’t truly get in other national parks!

The unique landscape of Hell’s gate is what appealed to me the most. The name comes from a small break in the cliffs creating a gap between them that looks like an entrance or gate, and the gate brings you into a volcanic area, an area full of geothermal activities, geysers, hot springs… This is one of the national parks that allow you to cycle and walk inside. It is also a very popular place for hiking. That’s why it is so unique…you can get as close to nature as possible, see the animals in their natural habitat and not from the confines of a vehicle!

I wish we had the time to experience the park by walking and cycling around….unfortunately we did not have much time, and had to make do with a drive through Hell's Gate. The drive was wonderful too! Here are some pictures from Hell's gate...during the entire drive i felt like we had been transported to a faraway place...can't quite describe the feeling!

Some interesting facts about Hell’s gate: The setting of the film, The Lion King, was modelled and based on Hell’s gate. The film Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The cradle of Life was filmed at this location.

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Lake Naivasha, Kenya- Another beautiful Day at Kenya

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Lake Naivasha, Kenya- Another beautiful Day at Kenya

Lake Naivasha, Kenya
After an exhilarating time at Masai Mara, we set off for Lake Naivasha early morning on day 3. Located in Nakuru County in Naivasha, Lake Naivasha is  around 280 km from Masai Mara, it took us 5-6 hours to reach by road. Lake Naivasha is a part of the Great Rift Valley. The name comes from the local Masai name Nai'posha. Nai Posha means rough water which may arise due to the sudden storms.

The best way to see the lake is to hire a boat. It was a wonderful ride...the lake is home to various birds, Hippos, and is surrounded by forest …we saw Giraffes, Zebras, Wildebeests on the shore of the Lake as well.

If you are in Kenya, and should you have time, I would recommend that you spend a day at Naivasha for sure.We stayed at the Lake Naivasha Country club. Serene, green, and beautiful, with the lake right next to it, we enjoyed our stay there.

One of my favourite pictures from this trip was at the Country club is below...this is what we saw when we checked into the the sprawling lawn this cute Zebra was engaged in a conversation or was trying to befriend the deer:)

It was so cute! Felt as close to nature as possible.

Hello, will you be my friend:)

Because of its proximity to the Lake, the chances of sighting a Hippo at the resort was very likely. We were advised to not step outside of our rooms on our own after 7 pm ...we were supposed to call the guard  if we had to step out. And sure enough I saw a Hippo crossing from right in front of our room and going towards another side! I was safely inside my room...

On our way to dinner, we saw a hippo grazing at the distance...thankfully the guard was with us:)
All very exciting:)

We sighted this Hippo at night...not a good pic...but could not get a better one:(

Hippos at the lake
African Hammerhead

African Cormorant

African Fishing Eagle

African Grey Heron

Great White Pelican
Marabou Stork

Lake Naivasha Country club

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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Traditional dances by Masai villagers at Masai Mara, Kenya

Coming of age, traditional jumping dance at Masai village

Masai Village
During our Masai Mara trip, we visited a Masai village. which was not far from the park.The entry fee was around $30/head.The proceeds from the fee goes towards the village school.The fee allowed us to to take pictures and videos as well.

We spent around 40 mins in the village...we were welcomed by Masai men and women with their traditional dances which we enjoyed a lot...and joined in as well. I have included the videos at the end of this post.The jumping dance is a part of the the coming of age ceremony.

We also got a tour inside one of the huts in the village.The visit ended with us buying some handcrafted items that the village women had put up for sale. We probably spent around 40 min at the village. We had to rush back because we wanted to get back to the park and complete our safari while there was time...our last day at Masai and we wanted to make the most of it.

What I really missed is spending more time learning about the Masai way of life from them.I wish they had given us more time to learn about Masai and their way of life....a bit of Masai history and the modern day Masai... would have been interesting. I felt the focus was more on selling items.And although I understand the importance of that too, tourists should be given an overview of what the tour involves and given the opportunity to decide.

If you can find time, the village may be worth a visit depending upon what you wish to take back from the visit. 

Masai women
Hand crafted items for sale at the village

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