Sunday, November 12, 2017

Endemic monkeys of Sri Lanka

Tufted Gray Langurs Sri Lanka
In continuation to my earlier post on the Birds of Sri Lanka, this post has pictures of Monkeys of Sri Lanka.

There are some species of monkeys that are endemic to Sri Lanka. The Purple-faced Langur (also known as the purple-faced leaf monkey), and the Toque Macaque are endemic to Sri Lanka, and was spotted by Soma.

She also spotted the Tufted Gray Langur, also known as Madras Gray Langur. They are not endemic to Sri Lanka, and are found in South-East India and Sri Lanka.
Purple-faced leaf monkey Sri Lanka
Purple-faced leaf monkey

Toque Macaque Sri Lanka
Toque Macaques

Tufted Gray Langur

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Beautiful birds of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Junglefowl-National Bird of Sri Lanka
I am going to take a break between posting popular durga puja pandals...and share birds of Sri Lanka in this post. These are beautiful birds and even more exciting because many of the birds found in Sri Lanka are endemic, and not found anywhere else.

Out of a total of 482 birds in Sri Lanka, 34 are endemic species and are typically found in forest reserves such as Sinharaja NP, Kitulgala rain forest, etc.

For bird watchers Sri Lanka is an exciting destination because of the possibility of sighting endemic birds. During her recent trip Soma Jha sighted a number of birds, out of which a few are endemic to Sri Lanka. These pictures have been taken by her.
Brown-capped babbler
Chestnut-backed owlet

Layard's parakeet
Orange-billed babbler

Red-backed flameback
Red-faced Malkoha

Sri Lanka  Scimitar babbler
Sri Lanka blue Magpie

Sri Lanka white-eye
Sri Lanka wood pigeon

Yellow-eared Bulbul
In my next post I will share pictures of monkeys of Sri Lanka. Out of the three sighted by Soma, two are endemic to Sri Lanka.