Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bishnupur, the temple city of Bengal!

Bishnupur Terracotta temple
I have been to Bishnupur a couple of times before and each time I have marveled at the beautiful terracotta temples.

Bishnupur is best known for its beautiful terracotta temples, baluchari sarees, and a slightly lesser known but quite popular snake festival that happens in August. The baluchari sarees are hand woven and have exquisite work depicting scenes from epics like Mahabharata. If you like temple architecture, Bishnupur should most certainly be in your list of to dos. Bishnupur owes its temples to the The Malla rulers who were Vaishnavs. The terracotta temples were built under their supervision in the 17th and 18th century.

Getting to Bishnupur is fairly simple.If you are planning a trip to Kolkata, Bishnupur is certainly doable, it takes around 4-5 hours by road to reach Bishnupur (It is in the Bankura district of West Bengal) It is best to have your own transport since it is easier to see all the temples in and around Bishnupur if you have your own transport. The best time to visit is winters, but if you wish to catch the snake festival, you will need to visit during August. It is quite pleasant in August since it starts raining and the terracotta temples look even more striking against the sylvan surroundings.

Baluchari Sarees, Bishnupur West Bengal, India
 There are trains that connect Kolkata and Bishnupur and are reasonably comfortable too. My husband traveled to Bishnupur recently to catch the snake festival, Jhapan, which is quite interesting. Snakes charmers from all over Bengal participate in this festival. Snake charmers show off their ability to handle the snakes under any situation. It is quite a sight! If you are fond of snakes and wish to see a lot of snakes together, Bishnupur is the place to Visit.

I am posting some of the pictures taken by my husband. The temples are truly awesome. The temples have been made out of something called laterite and bricks. Almost all the terracotta temples have delicate work on them and mostly there are scenes from the Mahabharata displayed on the walls.

Snake charmers at Bishnupur snake festival, India

Snake charmers at Bishnupur
West Bengal

Shyamrai Temple information, Bishnupur

Terracota temple Bishnupur, West Bengal

Terracotta temple pillar with intricate work

Bishnupur terracotta temple

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Good things come in small packages!

This good thing that I am referring to is the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 750. Not only does it come with good features; it is packed in an extremely attractive package !

I have been meaning to buy a Tablet PC for a long-long time. Have tried out the tablet PC at a friend’s place, and wanted one of my own.  Just somehow never got around to buying one. Maybe it is good I waited.

Just found out that Samsung has launched the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 750. Must say I am impressed with the specifications. You can check out some more details here -

Packed with all the features of a tablet, I think it is the best new handy communication devise. Lighter than any other tablet PC, and faster than, I can say "download", it is the answer to my dreams!

I love traveling and I frequently go out for overnight journeys. With the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 with me, I guess I never have to worry about any  delays in communications; I will always carry my world with me.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Independence day!

Mustard field
Happy Independence day!

This independence day I thought I would share some random pictures of nature. These are pictures from our many trips in and around Kolkata.

I feel a sense of  complete freedom whenever I am close to nature. It feels wonderfully peaceful and therapeutic. I feel completely free of worries... The beauty never ceases to amaze me and, more importantly, the thought that no one quite owns this beauty. We are all free to own it, it is ours to experience any time we wish to. It is indeed exhilarating.


Birds West Bengal

Found this cute couple on the way to Sunderbans

Birds in Sunderbans, West Bengal

White breasted Kingfisher West Bengal