Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Durga puja 2011 Kolkata, India

Goddess Durga
Today is Mahaashtami. I am sharing some pictures of  Durga puja pandals in Tollygunge Kolkata. I will post more pictures of Durga Puja 2011 from Kolkata in my next few posts.

Happy Durga puja everyone.

Pandal in Tollygunge Kolkata

Decorations on the walls

of the pandal

Beautifully decorated ceiling
Krishna and Radha Motif
on the walls of the pandal

Boat shaped pandal
Tollygunge Kolkata
Durga idol Tollygunge

Village hut concept Durga
pandal, Tollygunge,Kolkata 
Inside the  pandal

Goddess Durga Idol

Artist displaying handcrafted
creations inside the
village hut pandal 

A creative pandal in Tollygunge
Entrance to the pandal

Decorations on the wals of the pandal
Ma Durga anad Lord Shiva

Motif on the
wall of the pandal
on the right
Simple and elegant
Durga idol and pandal

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