Saturday, October 1, 2011

Butterflies of India - Nagaland

Common Peacock Butterfly Nagaland

Butterflies in India

These beautiful, out of the world butterfly pictures
are from Nagaland, India.

My sister Soma, whio is an avid birder, photographed these exotic  butterflies during her recent trip to Nagaland. These butterfly photos are from Khonoma and Benrue in Nagaland.I fell in love with these pictures and I had to share these butterfly pictures.

Butterfly photos from Nagaland, the Switzerland of Eastern India.

White Commodore butterfly
Green Commodore butterfly

French Duke butterfly

French Duke

Blue pansy butterfly
Glassy Bluebottle
Benrue, Nagaland

Powdery Green sapphire
butterfly Nagaland
Red Lacewin butterfly

Sikkim Hill butterfly

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