Sunday, October 23, 2016

Innovative Durga puja pandal in South Kolkata with a message

This interesting and thought-provoking Durga puja pandal, from one of the oldest localities of South Kolkata, has a message for all of us. It is about plastic pollution, and how plastic has invaded our lives and the damage it is causing.

A message on the pandal talked about how plastic clogs drains and creates major water logging issues. Having said that, it goes on to say how some people have found creative ways of reusing plastic.

This colourful pandal is a fine example of creative reuse of plastic. They have made excellent use of plastic in decorating the pandal. Everything is made out of reused plastic, and yes the dinosaur as well!

Plastic, a non-biodegradable product, cannot be eliminated easily, therefore the the best, and perhaps the only way of minimizing its bad effect is to find ways of reusing plastic…

reused plastic bags as decorations

The Dinosaur is created out of reused platic

If you look closely, Goddess Durga is crying at the plight of plastic pollution. And for those of you who can read Bengali, the below mentioned image is a write-up from the puja pandal.

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