Monday, August 18, 2008

A trip to Vedic Village

We had a long weekend ...3 days off !
Me, my husband and my cousin took off for Vedic village,35 kms from Kolkata.
My cousin, Soma is an avid bird watcher and well we went equipped with our binocs and camera etc etc..
Though I am not a birder is rather difficult not to participateand i guess one gets into the mode...I realized i quite enjoy it actually:)
Vedic village is a spa resort with the Indian countryside flavour.
The route to Vedic village was lovely. We crossed nice little villages...lots of green, nice ponds...the monsoon magic was at its fullest!
The whole effect was magical.
The greens were visual treat for us. We are quite starved for greens and water bodies and...
Vedic village itself was a wondeful treat. the resort is very nicely done...with a village theme, thatched roofs,earthy tones.
Was really impressed with the whole set up.
After a look around and a sumptuous breakfast buffet we set off for home. We were feeling very was wonderful to have spent so much time exploring nature.
Truly nothing else can ever compare to its glory!

If you live in Kolkata and are looking out for a weekend getaway or a day trip , this could be it.You will find directions to vedic village here -

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