Saturday, February 25, 2012

Serene and historic-Garpanchkot in West Bengal

Tribal art on a hut in
Garpanchkot is 15 kms from Barakar at the border of Burdwan and Jharkhand and around 250 kms from Kolkata. You can choose to go by road or take a train from Howrah to Dhanbad. This is not a very popular tourist destination, I wonder why though. My cousin who recently went to Barakar and Garpanchkot was enamoured by the temples she saw in both of these places. The stone temples of Barakar and the terracotta temples of Garpanchkot are really beautiful.

Not only that, Garpanchkot can be a great place to visit because it is visually appealing too. It’s serene, sylvan and peaceful surroundings  makes for a great weekend getaway.
Old terracota temple
Terracotta temple
Garpanchkot, West Bengal

Terracotta temple
Terracotta pillars

A very old terracotta temple
at Garpanchkot

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Bhaskar said...

Great Article. Thanks for the help. We are planning for Gharpanchkot on 13th July 2012. Of course By Road.