Saturday, January 5, 2013

Barabar caves, Bihar, India

Lomas Rishi cave
This post is in continuation to my earlier post on my Bihar trip. Our next stop was Kumrahar excavation site which happens to be the site of ancient Pataliputra. We spent some time going through excavations. We set off from there around 1.30 pm. After doing another  60 kms, we reached Jehanabad at around 2.30 pm. Barabar caves are located in Jehanabad district of Bihar.

Barabar caves, are believed to be the oldest surviving rock-cut caves from the Mauryan period. Some the caves have Ashokan inscriptions on them. The amazing part of these caves were the inside walls, they looked so new and were shining as if they were recently polished. It is unbelievable that something so old (322-185 BC) can look so new! I think the answer lies in the fact that it is carved out of granite and therefore looks so new and polished!

Out of the four caves of Barabar hill, we saw The Lomas Rishi and Sudama caves. A must visit if you like ancient structures; after all, these caves are one of a kind. The only thing you need to consider is the roads, while returning from Barabar, we decided to take a shorter route because it was getting dark and we had to reach, Bodh Gaya, our next destination. We made a huge mistake, we took a road that was almost non-existent, negotiating through it was really tough and we reached Bodh Gaya after 10 pm! After that experience, we decided not to take any short cuts:)

On the way to
Barabar hills

Barabar caves

Entrance to the cave
work on the arch

Inscription on the
entrance arch


D.Nambiar said...

We do have a lot of amazing rock structures in India, don't we. Thank you for showing us caves that are believed to be the oldest surviving rock-cut ones.

Ranjana said...

@D.Nambiar, thank you so much for sharing your feedback. Yes, India is so rich, there is so much to see.One lifetime does not seem enough!

Vikash Kumar said...

i have visit this caves so many times. my house is about 5 km away from brabar cave ,it is at belaganj in brabar there are two more cave which is unknown only few person knows about it .

Ranjana Jha said...

@Vikash Kumar, You are so lucky!I would love to know about the two more caves.