Sunday, July 2, 2017

Merganser, Bar-headed Goose,and Ruddy Shelduck Chicks pictures from Ladhak, India

Merganser with chicks, Ladakh
I am sharing some very cute bird pictures (mother and chicks) from Ladakh.

Soma Jha who was in Ladhak recently, clicked these pictures. This was on their drive along Pangong Tso from Lukung to Merak villages. Mirak is in the east of Leh.

These pictures are of the common Merganser carrying chicks on her back, Bar-headed Geese with chicks, and Ruddy Shelduck with chicks .

In the picture below, the one on the right, the mother merganser suddenly decides, 'enough is enough - no more rides' and lets the chicks scatter all around when she rose and flapped her wings:)

You must check out the very brief video of the chicks...there is one chick that is so to get a free ride. Hilarious! Nice capture by Soma Jha.

I will share some more interesting pictures from Ladakh in my next post.

Merganser with chicks

Ruddy Shelduck with chicks
Ruddy Shelduck chicks

Bar-headed Geese with chicks, Ladakh

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