Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bishnupur, the terracotta temple destination, West Bengal India

Intricate work on the walls of terracotta
temple Bishnupur
I have been meaning to post some more pictures from our Bishnupur trip. The beauty of the temples cannot be covered in one post only. Especially the exquisite intricate work all over the walls of the temples.

Jor Bangla temple Bishnupur
Jor Bangla temple

Jor Bangla  temple has depictions of Krishnalila, hunting and a other social scenes.The work is out of the world! The terracotta temples of Bishnupur are truly are worth at least one visit.

Dalmadal Canon Bishnupur

Playing cards

The Dalmadal canon is perhaps the largest canon manfactured at the time of the Malla kings.

The image  next to the canon is of e special playing cards that are hand painted in Bishnupur. There is only one family in Bishnupur who make these playing cards. These are really unique. They cards depict  the ten avatars of lord Vishnu and are round in shape.

Rasmancha Bishnupur West bengal

Rasmancha arches

Rasmancha is quite unique. Built by Bir Hambir in 1600 AD, the temple has a pyramidal structure and this lends it quite a mystical character.The arches are beuatiful and they have lotus motifs on them.I believe, during the Malla rule, idols from the temples all around Bishnupur were displayed in this temple during the Ras festival.

Another beautiful terracotta temple in Bishnupur  is the temple of Shyamrai that was built by Raghunath Singh in 1643.

Temple of Shyamrai Bishnupur

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