Sunday, September 11, 2011

kumartuli a unique abode for idol makers of Kolkata

Kumartuli Artists workshop
With Durga puja just another three weeks away, I wanted to visit Kumartuli which is the idol maker hub of Kolkata. Located in Shovabazar, North Kolkata, Kumartuli is home to many talented artists who make the beautiful durga idols.

Last weekend we went to Kumartuli and we were amazed at the beautiful idols created by these talented idol makers. What is amazing is that they have still have kept a lot of old traditions alive. The idol makers still use water from Hoogly to mix the clay and make the models. It is not the easiest things to do since the have to hire water carriers, but most of the artists still folow this tradition.

Kumartuli streets are narrow and there are lanes and bylanes and that is what lends Kumartuli a character.It not not a typical studio where potters do their clay modeling, these streets are as old as Kolkata and is a historic place. I am posting a few photos of goddess durga, there was also a very interesting and beautiful old building, no one lives theres, must have been grand at some point. We walked through two three lanes and then headed straight for Hoogly. It was a nice and peaceful evening.

Kumartuli Durga

Kumartuli durga idols

Old building in Kumartuli Kolkata
Hooghly river

Goddess Durga

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