Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Crazy Network

This morning my mobile started misbehaving.I could receive calls and make calls but
The problem was ...I could hear the person i called ...but no one could hear me:(
I tried calling different people from different rooms, inside the house,outside the house but nothing changed. There was full network but I was unable to talk to anyone.
I decided to do the obvious. Log in my problem with the mobile operator.I called their helpline and patiently went through some of the automated recorded messages and then I was connect to the live operator who said hello and asked me for my details.
I reciprocated and started giving my mobile no etc...but there was silence. There was a pause and the guy repeated his greeting again and I started trying my level best to reach him in my loudest and clearest voice possible...
Very politely while trying to control his anger, he said that since no one is bothering to speak up, he was ending the call. He thought it was a crank call!!!
I felt stupid, frustrated, helpless, disgusted...all at the same time. I did not have access to another phone and I just did not know what to do next:(

Miraculously, the phone started functioning fine after a couple of hours!!!

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