Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kewpies Restaurant Kolkata

Last weekend we had a wonderful time dining out at Kewpies.
we were celebrating a special event and my eldest brother in law decided to take us out for dinner. It was pretty late almost 9 pm...we decided to take a chance and drop in to Kewpies. We were extremely lucky, we found a table for 6 without booking in advance!

Kewpies offers traditional Bengali delicacies. We ordered non-veg thalis and since two of us were vegetarians we ordered some yummy vegeration preparations as well.

The non-veg thali included-Luchi, rice, kasa mutton, dab chingri, aloo dum, pappad, chatni, fish fry. For desert we opted for -nalen gurer rossogolla, mishti doi and misthi paan.

Vegetarian dishes were great too - yummy mochhar dalna and delicious cholar dal.

The food was simply delicious... It was served on earthern ware...very ethnic...the ambience was great...lovely paintings...beautiful furnishings..very warm and homely.

We had a great time. And most of all the price is very reasonable for the quality of food offered.

Located at 2 Elgin road (and very close to Forum) ...it is easy to reach. It is open till 11 pm. It would be advisable to book your table in advance.

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