Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Life is good unless you decide otherwise!

If I let myself be...I will really get into severe depression...people are losing jobs...life is getting more and more insecure...one is not sure if one is going to come back alive... If i let all this bother me...I will really want to roll into a blanket dive under the bed and just stay there and possibly die...Morbid...
No way...I will not let that happen ever!
You see...I have been much too depressed with things that have beenhappenning all around me..uncertainties...unfairness...
All this existed earlier as well...but these days the frequency seemsto have gone up dramatically:(
I feel down and out almost always...but is that helping me?
No, not at all.
Have not posted in my blog in ages!Have not felt like it.
I have been happy to feel sad. Happily sad.
I realized today, that I have made my life miserable by simplythinking of what might happen if something happens...
Gosh! What a waste of time!
I realized there are so may good things going on in my life too but I have happilydecided to be sad about things going bad instead. And guess this has a prettybad effect on your near and dear ones! I have not only managed to make myself sad...i have successfully managed to irritate people because of my bad moods:((
We do simmer and boil in the hell of our own making!
If you are like me...People...just be happy... and everything in your life and around you will be happy.
Take care.

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