Monday, April 6, 2009

My recent holiday to Jayanti, North Bengal

Jayanti is a beautiful little town with a population of around 1200. The River is all dried up. But the river bed looks beautiful. It forms a border with the Bhutan hills. To reach can catch one of the overnight trians that plies from Howrah. We travelled in Saraighat express. This train leaves Howrah at around 4 and reaches New Alipurduar at 4.45am next morning (provided that train is on schedule:))From New Alipurduar it takes another 45 minutes by road to Jayanti.
The climate is perfect. Mornings and nights are cool and afternoons are not too hot.It is just the get away that I was looking for. Away from the noisy and polluted city to the peace and tranquility of this forest. The best part was that we had almost a non-existent network. So we were really-really cut off.That is what I call a real holiday.
We stayed at the cosy Forest rest house. From the rest house, you can view the vast expanse of the river bed. The river bed and the Bhutan hills. The refreshingly cool wind is very therapeutic.
There is nothing much to do once the sun sets. You can't go to the forest then. Good for us...we stayed at our rest house...spent a lot of time chatting and admiring the quiet nights...interrupted by ocassional sounds of elephants...
Jayanti is a paradise for bird and butterfly lovers.I managed to spot many beautiful birds and butterflies thanks to my cousin, ...who is an ardent bird watcher.
I would love to go back to Jayanti soon. Just to bathe in the tranquility and the pure bliss that Jayanti offers.I feel complelety rejuvenated.
Sharing some snaps of our trip.

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It is one of my favourite place. This year - i will go there again.