Sunday, September 6, 2009

Everybody Googles, even my dad!

My seventy year old dad, a doctor, has computer phobia. He sees the monitor and runs in the opposite direction.

It took a lot of persuation to convince him to sit next to me (in front of the comp) and understand what it can do for him.

All these years if he has ever needed print outs or if there was any information he wanted , he asked me and I got it for him...i don't think he ever felt the need to use the comp for anything.

What interests him though is the information that one has access to.

A few days back he called me and said, he needed some information on a topic and he said I could find it easily, all I need to do is google it!

I almost feel off my chair!
Daddy telling me about Google!!!

He read an article and later found out from his friends that, to find anything on the Internet you just have to google it!

I remember explaining to me a couple of years back about how people find information on the internet, not much had registered back then...

But Google seems to have found a way to his heart now:)