Saturday, August 7, 2010

A "blissful trip" to West Sikkim

We went for a short trip to West Sikkim, India a couple of years back. I was going through the pics and got reminded about what a lovely trip it was!

View of the Bliss Resort surroundings from our room

We stayed in a village resort by the name of "Bliss Resort" in Biksthang , West Sikkim.It is on the way to Legship from Jorethang. We went there in the early October.

View of Kunchenjunga from our room at Bliss Resort

Bliss resort was truly blissful. We spent a couple of peaceful and happy days there. We could see the Kunchenjunga range clearly from our room. While there, we visited "Khecheopalri lake" which is around 34-35 kms north-west of Pelling, Pelling was around 2 hours from Bliss resort.It is known as the "Wishing lake" and is considered to be sacred. "Khecheopalri lake" was breathtakingly beautiful! It was a spiritual experience for me. The lake does not have a single leaf floating on it inspite of being surrounded by forest! The serenity and beauty of the place just made me want to sit there for hours. I knew I would not never ever get tired of this beautiful lake.

Khecheopalri lake, West Sikkim

One early morning, we went trekking to Enchey Monastery. Our guide who was also the resort cook ...told us that it would just take us a couple of hours to trek it. I guess for him it would have been just a couple of hours, they are so used to trekking such distances. We went along with his suggestion thinking it would be a couple of hours of happy nice casual trekking. We realised soon that the couple of hours would translate to multiples of couple of hours! We took 4 hours to reach it and close to 3-4 hours to get back!
But we were glad we visited it.

Enroute Enchey Monastery

Enchey Monastry is around 200 years old. It falls on the Gangtok – Nathula road. Enchey monastry is blessed by Lama Drupthob Karpo, who is believed to have flying powers. It is believed that Khangchendzonga and Yabdean, the protecting deities, reside in this monastery.

Some more pictures in and around the bliss resort Sikkim -

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