Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mangalajodi, Orissa- Off the beaten track

Mangalajodi Orissa India
Mangalajodi is not one of the most visited places in Orissa. In fact not many people know about it! It really is a small village situated along the banks of Chilka lake. It is a paradise for bird lovers. If you enjoy being close to nature, this is a nice getaway.

We went to Mangalajodi for a weekend trip from Kolkata. Sharing some pictures from that trip.These are random pictures of migratory birds in Mangalajodi, Orissa, India.

Mangalajodi Orissa

Birds in Mangalajori Orissa

migratory birds Mangalajodi

Migratory birds in Mangalajodi Orissa
Migratory Birds Mangalajodi

Mangalajodi bird sanctuary Orissa


Mangalajodi Orissa

Sunset at Mangalajodi

Crow eating a snake at Mangalajodi Orissa
The above picture is quite unusual, A crow trying to feast on a snake!