Saturday, May 7, 2011

Last Dance, A film starring Sharon Stone

Last Dance - Sharon Stone (image from

Some time back I saw the film "Last Dance" starring Sharon Stone. It is certainly not a happy film. But the relationship between Sharon Stone and her Lawyer is beautiful and it touches you. Sharon stone is in jail for a double murder she committed when she was in her teens. Her lawyer, Rob Morrow, tries to to help her since he finds out that she is not the same person who had committed the crime as a teenager, she had certainly eveolved into a better person, and deserved a second chance.

Sharon Stone's acting is top notch, her friendship with Rob Morrow blossoms into a beautiful relationship. Sharon Stone takes up sketching while in jail. Inspite of trying his best, he is not able to stop the inevitable from happening. The very last scene shows Rob Morrow visiting the Taj Mahal. Among many of her sketches, there was a sketch of the Taj Mahal . Visiting the Taj Mahal,  perhaps eased his pain a bit since this beautiful monument celebrates eternal love. There is a lovely song that plays in the background.Very- very touching.

When I visited the Taj Mahal, it reminded me of this film and more so of the love between this couple, very touching.

Below is the lyrics of this lovely song "The gift" by Annie Lennox:

Darling Don't you understand
I feel so ill at ease
The room is full of silence
And it's getting hard to breathe
Take this gilded cage of pain
And set me free
Take this overcoat of shame
It never did belong to me
It never did belong to me

I need to go outside
I need to leave the smoke
'Cause I can't go on living
In the same sick joke

It seems our lives have taken on
A different kind of twist.
Now that you have given me.
The perfect gift.
You have given me the gift.

For we have fallen.
From our shelves.
To face the truth.
About ourselves.

And we have tumbled.
From our tree.
Tumbled from our tree.
And I can almost.
I can almost hear
the rain fallin.
Don't you know it feels so good.
It feels so good.
So let's go out
into the rain again.
Just like we said
we always would

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