Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Ipod and Me

It started the day when I wanted to buy a mp3 player that would have all the music I need. I was looking for device or player that will contain a lot and lots of music so that I can listen to any kind of music whenever I want. I was researching various options on high end mp3 players. One of my colleagues convinced me about getting an Ipod instead of a mp3 player. I was not convinced why I needed to pay so much more, after all it would serve the same purpose, right?

Of course the Ipod model that he convinced me about was for a model with a lot of storage space... but it took me ages to get convinced. He convinced me to a great extent, I changed some of my opinions...I realized that you can do so much more with an Ipod;  a whole lot of stuff makes it quite the unique player.

That was then almost two years back...Now I am an Ipod addict. I recently bought an ipod dock, and believe me that really makes listening to my favourite songs a treat. My Ipod has now become one of my prized possessions.

The only thorn in this relationship has been: When I wish to add to my collection.Something just does not work out. Each time I have had to format my ipod, get an updated version of itunes downloaded, in order for the itunes to recognize the Ipod!

My Ipod was almost hospitalized, it went into coma and it looked like i had lost my Ipod for good. I consulted online doctors, offline doctors, and then finally, the ipod responded to one of the formatting treatments. Looking back, I think I experimented too much with my Ipod. The first time I uploaded songs on to my Ipod was from another laptop. Things were fine; till I tried to sync it with my laptop...all hell broke loose then!

I think I know where I went wrong; I tried to sync it with other laptops and each time perhaps because of a different version of itunes there was some trouble getting the files onboard. God only knows, how many times, I have lost all songs, had to format my ipod and so on and so for. And all this time my Ipod was trying to tell me...hey can't you get it, I am your Ipod why don't you just keep me with you, stop this syncing with others! You are hurting me!

Hmm... I have learnt it the hard way...after all because of the kind of features that Ipod comes with,it is not the easiest of devises to handle. Or let’s just say I am still learning to be in "sync" with my ipod.I guess I will get there sooner or later. I am still learning. But I do know that I have to protect me and my Ipod from any more heartbreak. We have had to go through a lot in this short time together...can't carry on this way.

Today I am all set to add lots more music to my Ipod. Let’s hope this time things will go smoothly. Our relationship has gone through highs and lows, and I now I wish to focus on a steady relationship, once and for all. Come on Ipod let’s make music together that lasts forever. We have to get it right this time.

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