Sunday, March 18, 2012

What I have learnt from life so far....

  • Negatives attract negatives and positives attract positives.
  • Parents are the only people who love you unconditionally.
  • We all need appreciation to grow.         
  • A beautiful person is beautiful inside.
  • Assertion and not aggression in handling people.
  • The more you run away from fear the more it chases you.
  • Kind gestures can keep a relationship alive.
  • Conscience may stop us from moving forward but wins us good friends for a lifetime! (A good night's sleep above all)
  • A 'thank you' not said timely loses its value.
  • Hope is the connecting word between today and tomorrow.
  • Perfection has different meanings for different people.
  • No matter how much you avoid getting involved in other people's lives they will drag you into their lives anyway.
  • It is a good idea to scream out loud now'n'then.
  • Faith makes all the difference.
  • Life is and so are we.

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