Sunday, June 10, 2012

Anegundi and areas near Hampi, Karnataka

Hampi is and will remain one of my favourite places as far as the anciet temple architechture goes. During my visit to Hampi last year, I also visited areas near Anegundi, very close to Hampi.This area's rocky structure was quite interesting too. I would love to explore more of this area next time I visit Hampi.

Some of the popular places to see in this area are: The Anjaneya hill near Anegundi is believed to be the birth place of Hanuman (We could not trek the hill, did not have time... may be next time), and Pampa Sarovara. This lake is located in the south of the river Tungabhadra. It is one of the five sacred lakes in India. Pampa Sarovar has been mentioned in the epic Ramayana as well.
Birth place of Hanuman, Anjayaneya hill

Anegundi area, karnataka
Areas near Hampi, karnataka

Pampa Sarovara near Hampi
A tribal woman near Pampa Sarovara

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