Saturday, July 7, 2012

In love with dove

My love with dove still continues... the last time I wrote about dove, I was in the early stages of falling in love; dreamy, enamored, yearning for more and more of the tender, love and care that dove was pouring into my hair.

Since then, the relationship has changed. The bonding has grown stronger; I am in a secure relationship now. What started as a loving manifestation has now manifested itself into a committed relationship.
And what's more, I have not strayed even once since I got into this relationship!

Actually, it is easy to be in love with dove. All I have to do is use it and there you go, get soft and manageable hair in no time!  I hope that did not sound like a tag line! But really, my hair is the least of my worries these days, I can wear it just the way I want. I wish we  could wash away all our other problems just like that:(

I must admit that I was not really sure about Dove before using it, after all in a country like India, if a product is endorsed by a popular star; it would results in millions of sales anyway! Since Dove's ads were different; I was a little less skeptical. But skeptical I was!

After using Dove, I changed my opinion, there was no reason for the skepticism anymore; it really works for me. I do not have to find time to go to beauty parlours for hair spas. I don't think I need it anymore. After using the dove hair conditioner and masque everything unruly hair got tamed, and that was the end of my hair problems!

My husband who hardly ever notices any change in me, now notices and murmurs something like, your hair looks nice!
Coming from him it is a huge compliment!

Here is a link to dove that you may want to visit:

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Vaish said...

I love dove products...their Dove silky cream is amazing..