Saturday, August 11, 2012

Are we safe anywhere?

When I saw the news yesterday, about the murder of a young girl, Pallavi, in Mumbai, in her own flat, it made me very sad and very-very insecure.

What do you do when your protector turns against you?

We are not safe in our homes, we are not safe when we are outside our homes; Are we safe anywhere? Even if you are living in a house full of people, you are not safe, let alone women who live all by themselves!

Because of safely issues many of us consider shifting from our independent homes to multistory multistory buildings, where we think we are completely secure, after all there is 24X7 security, power back-up etc.

So how do we ensure that we are completely secure? I don’t know if we can ever do that. The truth I guess is that we can never be completely secure.

This heinous murder just showed us how easy it is for anyone to walk into our bedrooms. It is scary but that is the truth. We can’t be vigilant all the time. This can happen to any of us!

The automatic locks that we have in our homes today can be extremely convenient but it has its drawbacks too!

We will have to find better ways of protecting us and our homes, instead of keys, we should probably have a four digit number, just like our ATM pins, we memorize that number, and punch in the number, and get into our homes. But then, is that foolproof ?

After all if the building security is not by your side, can anything be foolproof?


Santa said...

I don't think anything is foolproof. One needs to have several ways of protecting oneself. But even with all that, one dedicated criminal can mess with all your plans. This is all the more reason to view life with a changed perspective and live every moment as if it were your last :-)

Ranjana said...

Hey Santa, I completely agree with you.