Saturday, November 24, 2012

Durga puja 2012, South Kolkata

Goddess Durga
I continue to share the pictures I clicked of the Durga puja pandals and idols I saw during Durga pujas.

There are so many-many such beautiful pandals and beautifully sculpted idols of Ma Durga that I think I will easily need 2-3 blogs posts to share the pictures that I clicked. And believe me this is just about half of the Durga puja pandals in Kolkata itself! Amazing.
Badamtola Durga puja 2012
Badamtola Durga idol 2012

Badamtalo pandal decoration
Park circus Durga pandal

Durga idol, Park Circus maidan
Ekdalia durga puja pandal 2012

Ekdali, Durga puja pandal
decorations, 2012
Durga idol Ekdalia park, Kolkata

Durga puja pandal, South Kolkata
Durga idol, South Kolkata

Durga pandal decoration,South Kolkata
Singhi park durga pandal

Singhi park durga idol
Mudiali durga puja pandal 2012

Mudiali durga idol
Mudiali, Durga puja pandal 2012

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Sovan said...

Nice And Glowing Photography!!