Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pratapeswar temple; A 19th century terracotta temple in Kalna, West Bengal

Pratapeswar temple
Kalna, WB

Right opposite to the 108 Shiva temple complex in Kalna, West Bengal is another complex of beautiful terracotta temples.One of the temples, the Pratapeswar temple looked very simple from a distance. Up close, I am sure this temple is one of the most beautiful terracotta temples in West Bengal. It is so beautiful that I was awestruck. With the sunlight falling on the intricate terracotta work, the whole temple was glowing like a precious piece of jewel.This temple complex is a must visit too.You can't miss it if you are visiting the 108 Siva temple complex in Kalna.

Walls of temple
Intricrate work

Entrance door, terracotta
Carvings on the
entrance door

Terracotta work
More detailed work
on terracotta

Terracotta figures on the
temple wall
Pratapeswar temple
wall carvings in terracotta

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