Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ugrasen ki Baoli, A stepwell in Delhi

Ugrasen ki Baoli
Baolis, also known as stepwells, were constructed in ancient times, to store water. Stepwells were actually built for travelers and local people who would come here for water, to take shelter, and rest and restore themselves.

Stepwells were the ideal refuge during the hot scorching summers! Just like a well that goes almost 3-4 floors below the ground. This baoli is just like that, from the top level, there are four floors, till you reach the water level. Baolis are of course much more decorative and extensive than wells. There must have some amount of decorative work on the walls when this baoli was at its element, not much of that remains now.

ASI information board
Entrance to the Baoli, Stepwell

Ugrasen ki Baoli is on Hailey Road near Connaught Place, Who would guess that right in the heart of the busiest part of the city, such a historic monument resides!

The ASI information board tells us that it was constructed by Raja Ugrasen, the forefather of the Agarwal community. The architectural features of the Baoli are similar to that of the late Tughlaq period.

Almost dwarfed by the sky scrapers around it, it stands out in stark contrast to the now modern structures around it. You can almost miss it. You come upon it suddenly, and you are like, wow!

Ariel view of the

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