Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I am so in Dove

This is what I was humming to myself after using the Dove split end rescue shampoo and conditioner-

I am so in Dove, in Dove, my split ends are all around when Dove is not here, when Dove is here they quickly disappear, I am so in Dove.
In Dove, I need Dove in everything I do, in everything I want my hair to be, I am so in Dove.

This is actually a song which goes like --I am so in love the moments seem to drag when you are not here...
But I don't know where I heard it, and I just can't find this song anywhere!  And I have not hummed this song in ages! I don't know why all of a sudden I started humming this song. The only logical reason seems to be Dove!
My love story with Dove received a fresh boost a few days back when I got this package from dove. A very nice bag with a dove split end rescue shampoo and conditioner. I have been a huge Dove fan since I started using Dove. But I had not tried out the split end rescue shampoo. I have used it around four times now, and really there is something about it, can’t find any split ends!
Dove brought back good old memories of my teenager days. The good old days when I used to be happy always!
The only worry then was --Oh, I wish I stand first in my class this time, I wish I was beautiful, I wish I had thick, long, beautiful, and split end free hair....
At school, I was always fascinated by think and long hair. I used to have waist length hair and wanted to be Rapunzel I guess. We were supposed to tie up our hair, and so I would plait it (with my mom’s help of course). What used to bug me then were the split ends! No matter how often I trimmed my hair or oiled my hair, they would still be there. I wish Dove was that readily available then!

Now, my hair is shoulder length, I don't need to plait it anymore, but I have Dove! I can show off my hair without any split end tensions!  I am oozing with confidence these days and perhaps I might try to grow my hair longer, who knows my teenage dream of thick, long, split end free, Rapunzel hair might just come true with Dove.

...This is what Dove's done to me.

If you are a Dove fan like me, you might want to click here to know more about Dove Split End Rescue System.


Dharesh Bhat said...

madam, blog is good...but he way u have given the start to this blog is too good....

Ranjana Jha said...

Thanks so much Dharesh.