Saturday, May 18, 2013

Suryanarayana temple, Lakkundi, Gadag, India

Suryanarayana temple,
Lakkundi, Gadag, India
The Kasivisvesvara temple in Gadag beautifully connects with another temple, the Surya temple, this temple is dedicated to the Sun God. The architecture is beautiful. Gadag has so many precious ancient temples that it does certainly warrant a visit, especially if you are fond of ancient temple architecture of South India.

Exquisite doorway to the
Surya temple
Work on the

Intricate work
Work on the pillar
inside the Surya temple

Decorative work
on the Surya temple
Intricate work

Surya temple, Lakkundi
with the open terrace
More of the
beautiful work

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magiceye said...

Exquisite work! Captured beautifully!