Saturday, August 24, 2013

Birding from my terrace

Purple Sunbird in my garden

This week was quite exciting in terms of sighting birds. Not in terms of sighting uncommon birds though. Typically I only get to see crows and sparrows in my garden so I was elated to spot some other varieties as well.

I was lucky to sight purple sunbirds in my garden, and also a kingfisher, and a black kite near my house. All this from the comfort of my terrace! What fun!

These pictures are not great, I wasn't really prepared for birding, and took these snaps from a 7X camera.

Purple sunbird female

white throated Kingfisher

Black Kite


Rajesh Kumar said...

Excellent shots..

Indrani said...

Nice to have so many birds around.

Ritesh Agarwal said...

O u must be living in a green surrounding. I so envy you, though i admit that there are some squirrels and a generous amount of crows around my place

Anonymous said...

wow your terrace is heaven for bird lovers !!

Ranjana Jha said...

@Thanks so much, Rajesh, Indrani, Ritesh, and mysay.

There is some amount of green in my terrace and our garden, and birds do visit but not as often as I would like them to.

Like your area Ritesh, crows dominate here as always:)

magiceye said...

Lovely captures!!

Chandini Agarwal said...

Excellent Capture

Ranjana Jha said...

Thanks, Chandini