Friday, September 27, 2013

The Moon and the Clouds

On my way back from work, I noticed the moon shining nice and bright, in fact it was a full moon day that day, so the moon looked even more beautiful. The sky was overcast so the moon's brightness was even more precious and lent the sky a lovely glow.

Then within a few seconds some dark ominous looking clouds came in and covered the moon completely. I felt a bit annoyed at the intrusion. There I was enjoying the sight of the beautiful full moon only to be interrupted by the clouds!  After a few seconds, I saw the moon again, shining as brightly as ever, the clouds had passed. The moon looked just the same, almost as if nothing had happened. Well, scientifically nothing had, but it got me thinking.

In our everyday life, so often we get into situations that are not of our making; these situations suck us into them and we get very affected by them. Overtime these issues and problems stress us out completely. So much so, that even after the problem gets resolved or it passes, we are unable to come out of it. We get so involved that we lose out on precious moments of our lives, only to realize later that we did not need to lose sleep over it. But by then, we would have lost those precious moments.

To come back to the moon and the clouds, somehow neither of them seemed to change the other. In spite of being covered and surrounded by the ominous black clouds, the moon came out of it smiling and shining like always. Scientifically, the reason is absolutely logical because nothing had happened to the moon so why should it change. To me it looked like the clouds had covered the moon completely but in truth, the moon continued to be where it was without worrying about the clouds.

Isn't this a bit like the situations that we face in our lives. If we can only wait and be strong, the dark clouds will pass without causing any havoc, but if we keep worrying unnecessarily about things that are not in our control, it will make things worse, the dark clouds will go away eventually, but the scars will remain forever.  If we decide not to get affected by these situations, we will save ourselves from a lot of unnecessary pain and more importantly, we won't lose out on our "now".

I guess, to live a happy life, be like the moon, keep shining and smiling come what may. The clouds will pass and so will our troubles.

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