Sunday, January 5, 2014

Baul Mela, Jadavpur, 2014

Baul Mela Jadavpur 2014 
Baul mela is quite a popular gathering of bauls from various parts of India and Bangladesh. I love baul songs. This gathering happens every year in Shaktigarh math in Jadavpur, Kolkata. It usually happens during the first weekend of January. You don’t need to buy tickets; the entrance is free for all. But it gets so crowded that it is difficult to find a place. Since the Baul performance goes on till 2 am in the morning, it is a good idea to go there around 12 am, you will definitely find a suitable place then!

I could not watch the entire series of performances but managed to watch a few. There is something so beautiful and spiritual about baul songs. Here is a video of one of the baul performances.

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Indrani said...

Definitely worth staying awake for it.