Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy "Holi" day ; the spring time of our lives!

Happy Holi!

This ancient Indian festival that celebrates the beginning of spring, harmony, love, and forgiveness, has made inroads into hearts of people all over the world. This festival of colour is celebrated by people from all walks of life and that in my mind is the best thing about any festival, a festival that brings joy to everyone!
Holi is all about colours because it marks the beginning of spring. Holi means bringing colour (joy) in our lives and letting go of darkness (sadness). Derived from the word "Holika", Holi is all about celebrating the goodness in everything.

The celebrations begin from the night before Holi, a bonfire is lit,  signifying the burning of evil (Holika) and the victory of good. People gather around the bonfire, snack on roasted peanuts and sesame laddus (sweet)  and have great fun bonding with family and friends during this time.

I wish this Holi brings abundance of joy, well-being, success, good health, and most of all, love, and peace into all of our lives. Have a wonderful "Holi"day.

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