Sunday, May 25, 2014

Travelling is great for the soul

Central Park, NYC
I have not blogged for over a month now!
I have never been so out of touch before.

I do have an excuse for not being able to blog though. I was traveling extensively almost the entire month and just could not find time to write. I got back this week and I still have the hangover!

What a month it has been!

I was traveling to US to attend a summit in our company's headquarters in US near Washington DC. I decided to take a vacation after the summit. The plan was to travel to some parts of US and on my way back take a short trip to Europe. I have been to US before so I was kind of familiar with it but I was a bit apprehensive about the Europe trip because it was going to be my first trip to Europe and I was going to travel alone.

Well, in the end it all turned out fine, I did enjoy my Europe trip a lot, though sometimes it was a bit boring to travel alone because when you see new things you want to share that experience with someone there and then! Emailing, messaging or talking over the phone is great but it does not really substitute the pleasure of sharing it real time...

For instance, not being able to express the joy of seeing Eiffel tower all lit up at 11 pm at night and the fantastic view of Paris from Eiffel tower, or the disappointment of seeing the painting of "Monalisa” in Louvre... I did not know that the painting was that small and the bullet proof glass did not help things either, it really was a disappointment, and not being able to express it added to it!

I just had to keep all these feelings to myself until the end of the day (by then of course the enthusiasm wasn't the same). I did not carry a data packet plan and I was dependent on WiFi access therefore most of my emails and communications had to wait till I went back to my hotel at the end of the day.

Having said that, I did start enjoying my company and could do a lot of things my way because I was travelling alone, so there are advantages as well...

In my next few posts I will write about the places I visited and I hope to relive those moments through my posts.

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