Sunday, June 29, 2014

Old Fort Niagara, New York, USA

Old Fort Niagara
This post is in continuation to my last post on Niagara Falls.

The next morning was quite packed; we started off by visiting old Fort Niagara.

Old Fort Niagara was well worth a visit. I am happy they included it in the trip. The old fort in Niagara is at the mouth of river Niagara, and was built there because of the location advantage (mainly to have some control on access to the lakes, and also the route that lead to the heart of the continent). However, the strategic importance of the location lessened after the construction of the Erie Canal.

The history of the old Fort Niagara goes back to 300 years. It was built in 1678. The French were the first to build a post here. The Fort has been under the control of The French, the British, US Army, and it is now under the control of US coast guard.

The history and the structures have been preserved so well that is certainly worth visiting.You may want to visit this site "" for more information on old Fort Niagara.

Entrance to the Fort
Structures inside the Fort

In the fort
Old Fort Niagara

French Military kitchen
Things belonging to the Armies 

Soldiers rooms
Chapel in the Fort

Inside the Fort
A partial view of the Fort


View from the Fort

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