Sunday, July 6, 2014

Niagara Falls State Park,USA

Niagara Falls 
After getting a nice dose of history we went back to Niagara Falls. I had a few hours to spare before heading back to NYC.

There is a convention center right across the State Park. And among other things, the convention center also hosts events and shows.

I decided to watch a live performance show called the "Thundering Water Cultural Show" based on Niagara . This live performance used dance as a medium to depict how Niagara Falls impacted the lives of Native Americans and their culture. It was quite a good show, unfortunately, I could not get a seat in the front so the view was obstructed and I couldn't quite take snaps. But I was happy to catch the show.

Areas around the Falls
There was still a lot of snow in Niagara Falls in May

I went back to the Niagara Falls to enjoy the Niagara Falls. I still had 2 hours since our bus was waiting for some passengers from Canada. I enjoyed spending time there. The best part was the State Park provided free access to Wifi. Sitting right next to the falls and connecting with my family and friends, sending them pictures of the falls real-time through the internet was so great! It was a wonderful experience of using technology in such natural surroundings!

Here is a very short clipping of the Niagara Falls.

My trip ended as adventurously as it had begun. Our bus broke down and by the time I got to China Town it was 12.30, well past midnight! I was all prepared to stay back in NYC that night but I did not know anyone there and wasn't where sure about checking into a hotel that late at night. From Penn station it would take me another hour by the transit train to reach New Jersey. After waiting for a while I found a cab that dropped me to Penn station. Once inside the station it was almost as if it was 7 pm in the evening! It was brimming with people. I felt so safe. That is what I like about NYC! I boarded the next train and reached NJ around 2 pm! My poor friend had to crawl out of bed at that God forsaken hour and pick me up from the station! No cab services there:(

In the end I did make it back in one piece happy to have seen Niagara and so many other amazing things. Here is a “Quotation” from the Beatles song "The End" that I wish to leave you with. I found this next to the Hard Rock cafe near the Niagara Falls state park.

One of my favorite lines from a Beatles song

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