Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

Christmas at Bow Barracks
This Christmas I finally landed at Bow Barracks, I always wanted to visit Bow Barracks during Christmas but somehow I never made it there before.

It is not just Bow Barracks; the entire city comes alive during Christmas. It is really-really nice.

Bow Barracks is located in Central Kolkata, very close to the Bowbazar police station. The best way to reach Bow Barracks is to take the metro and get down at "Chandni" metro station. It is only 5 minutes walk to Bow Barracks from Chandni metro station.. You can't miss it during Christmas because it is lit up so well. The Barracks have been in existence since the First World War. During Christmas Bow Barracks comes alive with music, events, Santa Clause, fruit cakes, wine, merry making, and lots and lots of fun, love, and laughter.

My favourite part this Christmas was to come across a vendor who was selling home-made toffee. I had last seen such a vendor when I was perhaps 6-7 years old. I used to love these toffees because the toffee maker would make toffees in different shapes, such as, scorpions, tooth brush, flowers, watch…. I remember “the watch” used to be my favourite. For old times’ sake I got a watch toffee for myself! I had thought I would never get to see these toffees again. It was so good to relive my childhood days. My best Christmas gift!

It was a wonderful day of celebration. We had a great time soaking in the Christmas "spirit" and it made sense to end the day with a glass of home-made wine from Bow Barracks.

Bow Barracks, Kolkata
Christmas 2014

Bow Barracks
Toffee seller selling his unique creations

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Unknown said...

Havn't got the opportunity to visit it till date but you brought the experience alive. :-)