Saturday, March 21, 2015

Akshi: A quiet getaway just a few hours from Mumbai

Akshi beach
Akshi beach near Alibag is around 3 hours drive from Mumbai. If you are looking for a quiet weekend away from the city and enjoy being in the midst of nature then Akshi may be your destination.

Not only is the beach clean and quiet, if you like bird watching you may be able to sight a fair number of birds as well. Akshi is around 6 kms away from Alibag. There are a number of places to stay near Akshi, you may want to stay near Alibag where you will find more accommodation options.

I am sharing a few pictures taken at Akshi by Soma who went to Akshi on a weekend trip in December last year. 

Arctic Skua
Common Tern-Akshi

Hueglin's Gull,Akshi

Little Terns- Akshi
Pomarine Jaeger-Akshi

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