Saturday, September 5, 2015

Philadelphia; Historic & Beautiful

Philadelphia has been one of the many places that I have always wanted to visit.There are so many things about Philadelphia... the rich history, the Liberty bell, popular films such as Rocky, Philadelphia...and so much more.

And when I finally did manage to see it, it was so great. I just loved every moment of my trip! .

The historic buildings such as the Independence hall (declaration of independence was signed here), Congress hall, The Liberty bell, Betsy Ross's house, coupled with modern buildings, a walk through Elfreth’s alley which happens to be the oldest residential street in America (dating back to 1702), love park, and not to forget the rocky steps... made for such a memorable trip. Met some very nice people in this trip.There is sheer joy in travelling to a new place, meeting people, and learning so much more about a country!

Here are some pictures from my trip.

Independence Hall

Congress Hall

Near Constitution square and Congress Hall

Liberty Bell

Elfreth’s alley 
Elfreth’s alley 

Elfreth’s alley -Beautiful old houses

Museum of Art
Famous Rocky steps leading to the Art Museum

Benjamin Franklin Parkway-Philadelphia

Betsy Ross's house

Love Park


Somali K Chakrabarti said...

Lovely pictures of Philadelphia. I was stationed there for sometime. Love the vibrant nature of the city.

Archana Kapoor said...

Nic pics... I like Philly :-)
Cheers, Archana -

Ranjana Jha said...

@Somali, Thank you, and lucky you! I would love to stay there for a few days so that I see more of the city!

@Archana, thanks so much!