Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Inle Lake, Myanmar, Burma

Inle Lake, Myanmmar
This picture perfect lake in Myanmar, Burma, should feature in your to do list if you are travelling to Myanmar.There are so many wonderful things that will wow you about this place.

For some strange reason Inle is not as popular with tourists as the other touristy places in Myanmar, and many tourists end up not visiting Inle :(

This peaceful and mesmerizing lake has so much happening around it. The Intha tribe who live around the lake depend on the lake for their livelihood. They mostly make their living by fishing, farming (floating fields), weaving, silver-smithing, and cheroot making. They have a very simple life, all they need is simple wooden stilt houses, and boats to take them around. With no roads; the only way to navigate around is by boats, and this adds to the uniqueness and beauty of Inle.

One thing that you will never see elsewhere is the way the fishermen navigate their boats in Inle. They row their boats with one leg which leaves their hands free to fish. Another reason for standing and rowing the boat is because the lake is full of weeds and there is hardly any visibility if  you are sitting down.

These pictures were taken by Soma during her trip to Burma last year.

Leg rowing so hands are free-a speciality of Intha fishermen
Leg rowing Inle

Another feature of this lake is the floating gardens where the Intha farmers grow tomato, squash, flowers etc.

Lotus fibre extraction and weaving is something that you will find only in Inle. Lotus stems are found in abundance in the lake and that's why fibre extraction and weaving is one of the main sources of earning in Inle. Extracting the fibre from the stem is quite a laborious process and requires skilled hands. The end products are priced on the higher side but unique and worth it.

Drawing thread out of lotus stems
Long-necked woman weaving

Inle is worth every bit of your time, the beautiful green surroundings and the uniqueness of the Intha way of living, the delicious meals, boat rides, makes it so worth a visit.

Intha village Inle
Villagers Inle

Inle weavers
Cigar makers in Inle

Inle-silversmith at work
Religious objects & artefacts

Floating garden in the Inle lake 
Hotel in Inle

A restaurant that serves terrific fish curry
Inle village Post office

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